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March 2015 Quarterly Watch the slide show from our meeting watch video
Our Music Fundraiser Watch the slide show from our June 2013 Quarterly meeting watch video
Outreach Speakers Listen to the interesting stories from some of our interesting outreach methods. watch video
Robert Burns Nature or Nuture?
The implications of epigenetics from a Urantian viewpoint
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Elisabeth Callahan "The Living Jesus: The Way of Progressive Human Achievement of God-consciousness" watch video
André Radatus

"From Imperfection to Supreme Living - Growing toward Mortal Maturity on A Bestowal World"

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Dan Amyx

was our speaker for June. His lively talk got all of us thinking about how to make a difference in our community.

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Andrea Barnes

"Outreach and The Cosmic Road Show"

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Hamid Razdeh

Islam - Learn the surprising source of core beliefs motivating millions of our fellow mortals on the paradise journey.

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