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UBLA Presentation - September 11, 2010
Islam, The Untold Story

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Learn the surprising source of core beliefs motivating millions of our fellow mortals on the paradise journey.

We are privileged to share Hamid’s unique perspective as a devoted Urantia Book reader raised in full Islamic traditions as he takes us on a multi-media exploration of the vital force expressed as Islam on the planet today.

About Hamid

Hamid was born and raised a Muslim in Teheran, Iran. During the revolutionary crisis in 1978 he was sent to America to pursue his university education. He earned his degree in aerospace engineering and works for a major aerospace firm in Southern California.

Hamid has studied over 100 books by progressive Iranian Muslim thinkers, the Koran in 3 languages, the Bible and the Urantia Book to answer: Who is God? What is my role here?

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