Many thanks to Mark Erickson for his efforts on these video presentation

Meeting – Speaker Topic Link to Video
Urantia Movement History  Wally Ziglar July 2018 Watch Video
The Urantia Religion  Robert Sarmast February 2018 Watch Video
The Parables of Jesus  Jim English February 2018 Watch Video Zshonette November 2017 Watch Video
Partnership with God Tom Choquette August 2017 Watch Video
What Should We Be Doing Now Andrea Barnes March 2017 Watch Video
How the Urantia Book Touched my Life Florence Jameson November 2016 Watch Video
“Circles of Trust” Gard Jameson March 13,2016 Watch Video
What the World Needs Now Michelle Klimesh Sept. 18, 2016 Watch Video
The World & The Urantia Book in the 21st Century: Phil Calabrese March 23, 2014 Watch Video
Slide Show from 2013 Quarterly Slide show from our June 2013 Quarterly meeting June 2013 watch video
Jesus and the Five Epochal Revelations Mark Erickson April 2013 Watch Video
Nature or Nuture? The implications of epigenetics from a Urantian viewpoint Robert Burns July 2013 Watch Video
“A Statistical Test…Authored by Human Beings”  Phil Calabrese Nov. 2013 Watch Video
Islam – The Untold Story Hamid R. Mazdeh Spring 2014 Watch Video

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