July 6th, 2019


When: Saturday,July 6th – 3 to 6pm

Unitarian Universalist Church 511 South Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA 92805
Refreshments served

From our President, Dianne Bishop:
We have all asked that perplexing question – “How can we help spread the wonderful teachings of our beloved Urantia Book?  Joyfully, you will soon be seeing the answer to that question for one of our UBLA members – and gifted scholar – Jim English.  Jim will be introducing his new, beautifully illustrated book at UBLA’s July 6th gathering. 


What are your thoughts and suggestions?   We are excited to hear from you.

   Dianne Bishop       

More info: 310-902-2960

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Urantia Book Quotes
  • Come into the kingdom free from prejudice and preconception; be open-minded and teachable like an unspoiled child.​

    The Urantia Book, (170:2.18)
  • Sometimes the planting of a seed necessitates its death, the death of your fondest hopes, before it can be reborn to bear the fruits of new life and new opportunity.​

    The Urantia Book, (48:6.25)
  • When the flood tides of human adversity… beat about the mortal soul, you may rest in the assurance that there is one inner bastion, the citadel of the spirit, which is absolutely unassailable…

    The Urantia Book, (100:2.7)
  • There is a great and glorious purpose in the march of the universes through space. All of your mortal struggling is not in vain.

    The Urantia Book, (32:5.1)
  • If you would but believe that my Father loves you with an infinite love, then you are in the kingdom of God.”

    The Urantia Book, (137:8.17)
  • The seraphim guard you; they do not seek directly to influence you; you must chart your own course, but these angels then act to make the best possible use of the course you have chosen.

    The Urantia Book, (113:5.4)

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