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The Fellowship’s Constitution with Tom Allen

The Select Committee to Investigate Constitutional Revision (SCICR) was created by the General Council of The Urantia Book Fellowship in 2021. This was in response to a unanimous resolution by the Triennial Delegate Assembly (TDA) to revise our aging constitution. The General Council also created SCICR unanimously. SCICR is composed of twelve (12) Fellowship members evenly divided between men and women.

We meet bimonthly and have successfully amended our constitution with unanimous General Council approval on several issues. 
Our task is to create a more efficient constitution that can scale long into the future. This Herculean task will not be easy, as there are several issues that will be controversial going forward. 
Time is on our side as we seek consensus on our decisions. SCICR will rise and report at the Triennial Meeting of the General Council in 2024.

If you are interested in seeing our past meetings and how we are progressing, recordings of our meetings can be viewed at: https://urantiabook.org/scicr

In progress and spiritual unity,

Tom Allen, Chair