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Elisabeth Callahan, Executive Director of Urantia University Institute, will highlight the various educational programs available. She’ll discuss the regular “live” online courses and the new ‘Self-Directed Study of The Urantia Book’ courses. In addition, she’ll delve into some of the new tracks they’re developing including the Integrative Wellbeing Program and the evolving UB Teacher Training Program. 

One of the programs we are most excited to hear about is the New Reader Course that UUI developed in cooperation with the Urantia Book Fellowship Education Committee. This course helps fledgling readers cross the initial threshold of understanding the structure and major themes of The Urantia Book, equipping them to comfortably begin a full exploration of the text and then to participate in the growing Urantia movement.

She will share her screen and show a short PowerPoint about UUI taking UBLA attendees on a quick tour of the online classrooms and then leave plenty of time for Q&A.