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The Center for Unity

Urantia Book Los Angeles Presents The Center for Unity with Gabriel Rymberg and Rick Lyons A Quarterly Educational Zoom Program May 20, 2023

Discovery of the Garden of Eden

The Discovery of the Garden of Eden

I’m going to show you the Garden of Eden, just as the Urantia Book describes it. You’re going to be some of the first people to see this after 34,000 years. And I’m not just saying that, I’m going to prove it.

Patrick Yesh

On Personality Join as we explore the fascinating topic of personality as it is revealed in the Fifth Epochal Revelation. https://youtu.be/zHOH2W1RGmI

Letters To God

Letters to God Andrea Barnes facilitates our letters to and from God.

Guy Perron and Agnés Lazar

Discover better ways to work with your Thought Adjuster.  https://youtu.be/_xk77nk6-3o Here are some takeaways from our Workshop with Guy and Agnés Video link at bottom Simplicity brings us closer to Go “God Lives Within You” – those words can change your life Best way is to communicate regularly is to have a Divine Appointment Dear […]


Elisabeth Callahan, Executive Director of Urantia University Institute, will highlight the various educational programs available. She’ll discuss the regular “live” online courses and the new ‘Self-Directed Study of The Urantia Book’ courses. In addition, she’ll delve into some of the new tracks they’re developing including the Integrative Wellbeing Program and the evolving UB Teacher Training Program.  One of the programs we are most excited to hear about […]

Bridging the Gap by David Kantor

David Kantor on Bridging the Gap

David Kantor joined us via Zoom on December 19th, 2019. He explains that after the crucifixion the debris that was left scattered about had no cohesive place to come back to. He noted how the Christian church has lumbered through the centuries allowing the Truth to be preserved to some extent but it seems to […]

A Candid Conversation

Pato and Antoinette delighted us with their candid conversation, music and friendship. What a delight to have these two sweet souls who are dedicated to the revelation grace our stage. We had the opportunity to learn more about them and what they are interested in. Thank you so very much to Pato and Antoinette for […]